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Best Background Check Websites of 2021:

Our #3 Choice is Instant Checkmate


Person and Criminal Record Searches That Go Deep!


Made for Users


It wasn’t by accident that Instant Checkmate became one of the biggest background check companies around. Time and time again, they provide reliable background reports to their customers. In fact, since 2010 they have issued nearly 1.3 billion reports!


Their interface is easy to use, and their findings are right on the money. With the most thorough criminal record reports around, Instant Checkmate is perfect for finding the truth about your friends, family, love interests, and business associates.

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Complete Report: A User’s Experience


Although I did run some experimental criminal record searches to check the accuracy, my first experience with Instant Checkmate was using the phone number reverse lookup.


I guess it was about four months ago that I started getting weird phone calls on my landline. They would come in after dinner, even in the middle of the night! No matter the time, there was always silence on the other end. A few times I could hear light breathing before the caller hung up.


A few times we tried calling the number back, but no one ever answered. We talked to an officer at our local police station, but they weren’t able to help either. Unless there was a threat, annoying somebody isn’t a crime.


My husband thought it was just a nervous boy calling to talk to my teenage daughter. We decided to stop answering the phone so quickly, giving her more time to get it, but we were wrong. The caller hung up on her too!


This went on for a couple of weeks, before we had had enough. Who was calling us? What did they want? Why didn’t they ever speak?


We needed answers. That’s when we found Instant Checkmate.


Using the phone number from my caller ID, we were able to create a reverse phone number search that immediately gave us some basic contact information. The number belonged to one of my husband’s plumbing customers. He asked them about it and learned that their son liked to perform bad prank phone calls. He had been calling the numbers from every business card in his parents’ folio!


My husband asked for his business card back, and we haven’t received an annoying call since – all thanks to Instant Checkmate.




With Instant Checkmate, you have more pricing options than with other companies. They offer one-, three-, and six-month packages with such deep discounts it’s hard not to go for the long term. Here’s the pricing schedule:


Trial membership – $1

For five days, get membership-level access.


Single report – $29.95

Avoid recurring charges with a one-time report.


Membership – 3 plans

  • $34.78 for 1 month

  • $18.24/month for 3 months

  • $9.86/month for 6 months


Unlimited monthly access to all reports. Join longer, save more.




  • Access your trial membership by pretending to change your mind. After you run a report, move your cursor to the top of the screen (as if you were going to click the X button). To get you to stay, Instant Checkmate will offer you their $1 trial membership.

  • Secure greater monthly savings by signing up for a longer membership! If you look at the per-month costs, the three-month deal is nearly half the price of the one month plan, and the six-month plan is half the price of that!


Dig Deep with an Instant Checkmate Report for Just One Buck!

What They Do


Instant Checkmate separates itself from other background check companies by bringing more information to the table than anyone else. Instead of delivering simple name, age, address, and phone number reports, they come hard with a slew of other features you won’t find with any of their competitors. Their membership comes with access to:


  • Criminal records databases

  • Satellite property images

  • Social media account information

  • Federal government license rosters (FAA, DEA, etc.)

  • Arrest and conviction records

  • Sex offender maps

  • Photos and video reportedly documenting specified individuals

  • Federal census data

  • Prisoner search databases

  • Driving records


Memberships deliver all kinds of goods, but the reports bring even more. I’m talking about corporate affiliations, county records, a variety of licenses, vehicle and watercraft ownership, financial histories, property records, and a whole lot more!


There’s one more reason to go with Instant Checkmate, and it has nothing to do with what you get for your money. Portions of all their profits are donated to community organizations that offer career training and development to women in need of a little help. I love that.


Customer Service


If you have any questions or concerns, customer service agents are available 24/7. Most of the common questions are answered on their FAQ page, so you may save some time by going there first. Otherwise, Instant Checkmate agents can be reached:


  • By telephone, at 1-800-222-8985

  • By email, at [email protected]

  • In person, at 3111 Camino Del Rio N, in San Diego

  • By social media, on a variety of accounts


Before I realized I was only signed up for a three-month plan, I called their support line. The rep was super polite and got me straightened out with the six-month plan right away. Quick and easy. I can’t praise their customer support highly enough.


The Final Ruling


The name fits. Instant Checkmate puts you into a position of power with all the knowledge you need to stay in control of every situation. The price is higher than most competitors, but you get what you pay for. Digging deep into the databases for every report, Instant Checkmate delivers above and beyond.


That’s why they’re our number three background check site.


Find the Truth with Instant Checkmate!

Note: This Background Check service is not FCRA compliant. You may not use this background check service, or the information it provides, to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. This is applicable, but not limited to, a Background Search, Credit Background Check, Criminal Background Check, and/or Driving Record. Instant Checkmate is not a consumer reporting agency and does not, and cannot, provide consumer reports. These terms have special meanings under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., ("FCRA"), which are incorporated herein by reference.

Here Are Just Some of Our Customer's Reviews:

Believe or not I found friends I lost contact with.

Reviewer : Lori R.

Instant Checkmate gives thorough background checks. Check them out if you need accurate information on anyone.

Reviewer : Fannie M.

Because of this site, I was able to find my son whose father disappeared with him 15 years ago…

Reviewer : Chele C.

I’ve used this site several times and found it to be reliable information.

Reviewer : John R.

I was shocked to see all of my personal info. Including my phone, 3 complete addresses and birth date.

Reviewer : Linda G.

I found it useful when someone I suspected was scamming me.

Reviewer : Karen Z.

I wish I had known about this site before…found persons on here that were hanging around me

Reviewer : Desiree D.

I tried it with my very name, it was too revealing…

Reviewer : Rex O.

I love the site. I found my biological family using Instant Checkmate

Reviewer : Annette F.

THANK YOU, I found out using this service about six month back that a guy I was dating had domestic battery rape of a minor, and much more.

Reviewer : Katie C.